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Four Things to be Aware of When Buying Truck Tyres

You would think that buying truck tyres is something that would be pretty cut and dried, but there are several things you should know before you make a purchase. After all, if this is the first time you are putting truck tyres on the vehicle after you purchased it, you may not know which kind of tyre is the right one. As with anything, it's buyer beware, so here are four things you should be aware of before you buy truck tyres.

Caring for Your Tractor Tyres and Avoiding a Breakdown

Tractor tyres are just as important for safety as they are for keeping your tractor out in the field and working rather than broken down in the shed or barn. Without the proper care or maintenance, you’ll find yourself replacing your tractor tyres a lot more often. Here are some tips for extending the life of your tractor tyres:

Choosing the Correct Car Tyres

Not all car tyres are the same, so it’s important to choose the right tires for your vehicle and the type of driving you do. Just remember that your vehicle’s tyres are the only part that’s actually touching the ground, so you must make sure that they are solid and have good traction in order to provide adequate stopping power in difficult braking situations. The wrong car tyres can make even the most high performance vehicle a dangerous death trap, but the right car tyres can magically turn the oldest clunker into a very safe car.

Tips for Buying Agricultural Tyres in Sussex and Kent

Purchasing agricultural tyres is no small task. These tyres must be able to stand up to rough conditions and heavy workloads. Whether you are in Sussex, Kent or other United Kingdom locations, you still need a good quality agricultural tyre. Without them, your equipment and machinery would not be able to function and productivity would drop. Keep your farm equipment in good order by locating a reliable seller of agricultural tyres that offers a perfect balance of price, quality and customer service.

Give our Mobile Tyre Fitting Service a Try!

Many car and commercial vehicle owners in Sussex and Kent in the UK do not realise that they have a local mobile tyre fitting service available to them. More people are learning that there is a more convenient way to purchase new, high quality tyres. In the past, most customers would make time in their busy schedules to take their vehicle to a tyre fitting service. The concept of mobile tyre fitting may be changing that completely.

What to Look for When Buying Industrial Tyres Locally

Industrial tyres can get very pricey. Before buying, any business owner should be aware of what makes a good tyre retailer. Whether you are located in Kent, Sussex or elsewhere in the UK, you have a few options available. Make sure you are getting the best value every time you purchase industrial tyres by choosing a reliable, honest seller that provides quality and good customer service.

Wealden Tyres: Serving Customers in Sussex and Kent

Whether you need truck tyres or car tyres, Wealden Tyres can help. We provide our clients with excellent customer service as well as quality products that last. For customers in Sussex and Kent, we provide the best car and truck tyre service in the UK. Call or stop by Wealden Tyres today and find out how we can get you the best truck and car tyres at great prices!

Wealden Car, Truck & Tractor Tyres: The Perfect balance of quality and price

Car, truck, and tractor tyres from Wealden may be your best option for a perfect balance of quality and price. Wealden has risen in the ranks among vehicle tyre specialists to become one of the most popular choices among customers in Sussex, Kent, and the UK as a whole. Your tractor tyres, car tyres, indeed any vehicle tyres are a very important part of safe and comfortable driving. Poor quality can lead to a short life span or even a loss of control while driving.

Wealden Car Tyres: Quality and Affordability for your Vehicle

Wealden car tyres have become a popular choice for vehicle owners in the UK. Our staff possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry. This helps our customers rest assured knowing that car tyres and services purchased through Wealden will meet or exceed all of their vehicle's requirements.

Hailsham Branch now open 7 days

Due to increased demand Wealden Tyres Hailsham is now open seven days a week. Week day opening times are 8am to 5..30pm, Saturdays 8.30am to 5pm & Sundays 9am to 4pm.

This will suit people that are too busy throughout the week to get in to have their tyre fitted & our Agricultural customers that may need tyres during busy harvest times.


We are Pleased to announce that Januarys Sales were up on the previous year by 15%. A great achievement by all the team who managed to keep all depots open despite almost the worst weather conditions for 20 years.


Wealden tyres has won the tyre contract for  national company VERITEK. Formely known as CMS. Sevicing a fleet of around 90  vehicles .


Due to further demand for our onsite service we have put another van fully equipped for fitting car tyres onsite. This van will enable us to respond even quicker to customers choosing to have their tyres changed at their home or work place.

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