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You would think that buying truck tyres is something that would be pretty cut and dried, but there are several things you should know before you make a purchase. After all, if this is the first time you are putting truck tyres on the vehicle after you purchased it, you may not know which kind of tyre is the right one. As with anything, it's buyer beware, so here are four things you should be aware of before you buy truck tyres.

1. Always have a professional mount and demount your truck tyres. There are a few maintenance issues you can take care of for your truck on your own, but mounting and demounting tyres is definitely something you should leave to the professionals. If you don't follow the right procedures, you could be seriously injured or even killed. For example, knowing which air pressure to use when and understanding when the danger zone has been reached is one reason to let a professional handle it. If the tyre beads aren't seated properly by the time a certain pressure is reached, you've got to start over, and this is something only professionals are well versed in.

2. Make sure that you replace the exact same size of truck tyres on the rim. Every truck's rims are made to hold tyres of a specific size. The bead diameter is extremely important when you're looking at size as well.

3. Keep flammable substances away from truck tyres. This warning may seem like a no brainer, but keeping flammable liquids away from them at all times is important because you could end up having a tyre fire while driving down the road if the treads have had flammable liquids spilled on them.

4. Avoid using aerosol tyre inflators. This is yet another reason to have a professional take care of installation of your truck tyres. Using aerosol tyre inflators will affect your repair decisions many years down the road. Even removing a nail from a tire that has been inflated using an aerosol inflator becomes a dangerous situation because it can cause a fire or explosion.

When you've done your homework, it's easy to make wise decisions about your truck tyres and proper maintenance of them. Wealden Tyres offers truck tyres in the Sussex and Kent areas of the UK. Their experts can help you find the right fit for whatever you do with your truck.

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